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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Do more mice live in urban areas, or wild areas?

Do more mice live in urban areas, or wild areas?

Mice can create great level of trouble especially when they are successful in invading your property. You may have noticed that no matter how much you try these creatures are successful in gaining access to your property. There is a definite reason present behind this and it is related with the fact that House Mice are “commensal rodents” as they are successful in surviving along humans in a splendid fashion. Without any doubt mice are considered as official members of the wild life family so the thought which must be in your mind will be that mice will be present in more numbers in wild than urban regions.

However, if you are supporting this concept, then get ready to change your mind because more mice live in urban regions in comparison to wild. In fact the data which has been collected by reliable sources in this regard suggests that after humans, mice hold the status of being the most populous creatures in the urban settlements. Another important point to mention in this regard is that it shows that mice are more related with humans at the level of ecosystem. This characteristic makes it clear that mice are included in the list of wild creatures that can survive and adopt well in urban conditions.

There are different reasons which force mice to move towards urban settlements like there are better sources of food, housing and other related facilities. Mice have the potential of expanding their population at a strong rate also they are equipped with convincing physical abilities which help them in dealing with the challenges that are imposed by urban lifestyles. However, the presence of mice in urban settlements is a source of great concern for humans because they cause damage to property not only this, these are responsible for spread a variety of diseases that are considered as harmful. In fact they are also infamous for causing damage to equipment and machines in agricultural areas.

Mice contaminate sources of food and this practice introduces many threats. The contaminated food is unknowingly consumed by humans and as a result many diseases get transmitted. The most favorite places for mice in urban areas include
  • Dumping sites
  • Grassy regions
  • Dumping Sites
  • Abandoned buildings
  • Factories
  • Houses
From the above discussion it is clear that mice are common findings in urban areas and they prefer to live in cities regardless of the fact that they are wild animals.

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