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What to do about a trap-shy house mouse

When a mouse is trap-shy, it means that it are going to shy away from getting close to a trap and take the bait. This can happen for several; reasons. Initially, mice are trap-shy because they fear new objects in their environment. The second reason mice become trap-shy is when they see other mice getting caught inside a trap. There are some things one can do about trap-shy mice, but it are going to definitely take a certain amount of planning and patience to get those mice to finally become interested in a bait. Now, what can one do about mice who are trap-shy?

Some mice are going to become trap-shy because they fear new objects being introduced into their environment. Mice are creatures of habit, and they study their environment carefully, to be able to manage it safely. They are going to learn about best times and places to feed, when and where to move around, and where to hide. They are going to grow accustomed to the objects in their familiar environment. When a new object is introduced, chances are that mice might need some time before they get used to it. In some cases, In case other mice notice one mouse being trapped, they are going to learn that the trap is a threat, and they are going to refuse to take the bait. This might be a problem for one because a good amount of time might pass before mice start to take the bait again.

In case one notice that mice are refusing to take the bait, one are are going to have to be patient and give it several days, even up to a week, before these mice finally get trapped. What one want to do initially is to make mice feel comfortable around the trap. One is going to do this by laying out unset traps. One wants mice to start feeling safe around the trap. Use baits like grains, and pile up sawdust around and all over the trap. Mice like to nib on sawdust, and it's significantly appealing to them.

When one notice that mice have started taking the bait, one can set the traps again. Since mice become mouse-shy even In case they notice other mice being killed by a trap, one’s are going to probably have to repeat the process several times before one finally trap all the mice. Don't forget to use as much sawdust as possible, because one’s goal is to make mice feel comfortable.

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