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How to get rid of mice in the attic

Your attic is nice and dry. It has a close proximity to food and water; it is safe from most predators. Mice want to move right in. If you get mice in your attic, you have problems. Most rodents must chew continuously because their front teeth grow constantly. Their constant chewing means destruction of walls, wiring, wood, and insulation as well as your keepsakes and other valuables. They carry diseases and pests that can be passed on to humans and other animals. They make constant noise, and cause odors. There is a multitude of ways to get rid of them. You can set snap traps all over your attic. This spring loaded traps are designed to snap shut killing the mouse when it goes for a piece of bait laid on the trap. These should be checked frequently to get rid of bodies.

You could lay poison around the attic. This is risky because the mice will go off to die in some secluded spot, and you may not find the body before it rots. You could use live traps to catch them one at a time or an exclusion funnel with a cage to catch them alive in batches. This leaves you with live mice to get rid of. There is also glue traps witch catch and immobilize the creature allowing it to die from starvation or exposure. Electronic Sonic emitters of different types are sold everywhere and claim to drive the animals off with high frequency sound. Some people claim that they can also hear the sound, and it can cause distress for other animals as well. You can try home remedies such as the scent of a cat, peppermint, mothballs, or ammonia.

All these things claim to work just by sprinkling them around in the attic space. The strong odor upsets the mouse’s sensitive nose and eyes causing them to want to leave the immediate area. Keep in mind that you will probably have to live with the smell as well. You can always hire a professional pest removal service to handle your problem. They can assess your situation and off the best solution. They will also deal with any bodies, dead or alive. Once you have elevated your problem, take precautions to keep re infestation from occurring. Seal any holes and remove all remnants of mouse habitation. Keep the area around your house free of trash and debris. Check your attic periodically to make sure it is clear.

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