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Do mice make good pets?

When you think about keeping a pet, then cats or dogs come as first choices in mind because of the fact that they are friendly and commonly are kept as pets by majority. However, with cats and dogs there are some requirements related with care and maintenance and our busy life styles most of the times don’t allow us to cope up with these strict demands. Mice are also kept as pets by many for different reasons, but the important point is that do mice make good pets? The answer to this question hides in the fact that how you keep these creatures.

As far as maintenance is concerned pet mice impose no strict demands and it’s very easy to deal with them. At the same time mice are inexpensive so you don’t have to spend too much money on them. You don’t have to face issues related with irritating barking of dogs as mice are quiet and don’t need too much space you can easily keep a mouse in an old shoe box.

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If proper care is given to mice, then they appear as intelligent, social and playful pets not only for children, but also adults. They develop a strong bond and companionship with their owners because of this reason you can depend on them. There is a level of curiosity related with the nature of mice also their problem solving potential is simply brilliant. With the passage of time pet mice learn the ability of responding to name and you can even train them to come when signaled or called. It will not be wrong to mention here that these creatures are termed as intelligent as well as easy to train small pets.

Mice have also been domesticated and have passed through the procedure of selective breeding because of this reason a variety of colors as well as coat variations are also present in them. However, one important point to mention here is that low maintenance in no sense means that you will have not have to provide any kind of care to the mice. You need to give attention to them and only move ahead with the decision of keeping mice when it’s ensured that you can take the challenge. Another major issue is that often diseases are related mice, but this is a stigma as majority doesn’t carry any disease. However, it also depend on the fact that how you clean and take care of the pet.

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