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How to keep mice out of my garden

Mice in garden can be a huge nuisance, considering the amount of damage they can cause. Mice can feed on plants, damage them by chewing on their leaves and roots. Also, while feeding on plants, mice can spread diseases and infections to other animals, or leave traces behind, like feces, that could get into your food. The list of dangerous infections mice can spread is a long one, but salmonella is one of the most commonly known diseases that can be spread by mice. Not only that mice can devastate and infect your plants, but they can also damage any type of wooden infrastructure and installation you have set up in your garden. What should you exactly do to keep mice away from your garden?

Fencing and proper maintenance of your garden is a number one condition to protect it from any rodent infestation. To fence your garden properly, you can choose from a variety of fence materials and types, including barb and mesh wire, as well as wood and metal fences. It all comes down to unique features and size of your garden. One you install these fences, make sure that they are tall and sturdy enough. Mice and other rodents shouldn’t be able to bite through the fence, dig under it, which means that it should be set deep enough, or climb over it, which would mean that the fence should be tall enough.

Maintenance of your fence and your garden also plays an important role in protection against pests. We’ve discussed fencing earlier, but if you already have fences installed, make sure to maintain them properly. Inspect your fence frequently to spot and repair any gaps, holes or rusty or rotten spots in your fence that rodents like mice could use to get inside. Also, aim to keep you garden clean and tidy. Picking up fallen leaves and fruits should help to avoid attracting mice. By keeping your garden tidy, you are making it less of a food and shelter source to mice. Protect your plants with mesh-wire installations to prevent mice from chewing on them.

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Pets and animals can make a significant difference in maintaining your garden mouse-free. The old tale of cats and mice is true by all means, and a pet like a cat or a dog can do an amazing job in scaring rodents away.

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