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What is a house mouse’s natural diet?

House Mouse is actually a rodent, which is commonly found in urban settlements and is mostly responsible for invading human houses and creating different kinds of problems or issues. It is a furry creature that has pointed nose, long tail without hair and large ears. Interesting point to mention here is that there are many types of mice present and they are divided into different categories according to various characteristics associated with them. The most interesting aspect related with mice is that they appear as small and fragile, but actually are very strong and sharp.

For invading the house they can even climb the plumbing and they have more than enough ways for invading a house. They are intelligent creatures which are even kept as pets by many. However, there are a variety of issues and complications related with their presence as well like house mice are known for transmitting a variety of diseases and also they bring damage to property by gnawing pipes, wires and making nests in attic. Their droppings are also a cause of trouble and frequently contaminate food. The behavior of these creatures is not that much complex and diet is also not a mystery.

Whenever eating habits of mice are discussed from cartoons we have perceived that mice eat only cheese, but that’s not the case because they like to eat grains, seeds and fruits. Technically house mice are regarded as omnivorous creatures and this means that mice will eat meat as well as plants so commonly house mice will eat anything that will come across its way. In conditions when food is not enough mice can even start eating each other and this is a dangerous behavior. Coming towards The appetite of mice important point to mention here is that mice have a voracious appetite because of this reason they normally eat 15 to 20 times daily because of this reason a house mice will prefer to build its home near a place that can provide it food accessibility.

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Gnawing is another habits associated with mice and this proves to be extremely dangerous because gnawing of electrical wiring can lead to fire outbreaks. In addition to this property is also damaged by various activities of mice. Trapping is considered as the best way for getting rid of house mice and their activities. You can use live or killer traps for dealing with the problem related with house mice.

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