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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Do mice chew on wires?

Do mice chew on wires?

Mice are a big problem because these small and irritating creatures have the capacity of bringing a strong level of damage to property and health. If we discuss the damages which are brought by mice invasion, then these are numerous from chewing of wire to transmitting of diseases therefore it is best that one should take proper measures for dealing with this problem and getting timely results. However, for cleaning your house of mice you will have to understand the nature as well as behavior of these creatures. Only after carefully observing their living patterns you will get in a position of devising a clean and decent removal strategy.

A big problem which is faced by people as a result of mice invasion is that these rodents chew wires and sometimes they inflict serious damage that can lead to short circuit or even house wire. During their stay at a place mouse chew a variety of things and wires are mostly their victims because they can be accessed easily in attic, walls, etc. The basic reason present behind chewing wires and anything else is that mice being rodents have to prevent the overgrowth of their teeth and for this reason they chew different materials so that their incisors can stay in shape. There are different concepts which don’t support this theory but majority believes that mice adopt this kind of chewing behavior because of their front teeth. Apart from wires mice can also chew pipes of metals, but the shiny exterior of wires is more appealing to them and also it can be accessed easily.

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In all cases electrical wires present in your house will suffer from the threat of being chewed if there is an uncontrolled mice invasion present. You simply can’t protect the entire wiring of your house so best strategy is to drive away mice and clear the infestation for good. You can use different techniques for this purpose, but in all cases it is not best to introduce unwanted delays because danger of electrical shot or fire outbreak because of mice chewing wires is always present. We suggest that you should call an expert if the problem is getting difficult to handle. Trapping is a good technique, but again for getting good results you will have to understand the behavior of the animal. Any kind of damage which you notice is electrical wiring should be addresses as soon as possible.

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