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Are cage traps a good option for mice?

Determining a right way to get rid of mice can sometimes be hard. Animal lovers can find themselves in a dilemma over what they should do to remove mice from their residence, without actually having to kill them. Using poison to get rid of mice is not recommended, because of the fact that it is not safe for the environment and health of other beings, both animal and human. On the other hand, choosing not to deal using the situation on one’s own, but hire professional pest Removal Company, may result in an incomplete removal, simply because these companies can't spend enough time in one’s residence to spot behavior of the mice, their routes, and nests, also as total mouse count. This leaves one using one single method of removal and two possible outcomes.

Since the only solution, one have left is to trap mice, one can choose between killing or relocating them from one’s residence. In case one use death traps, mice going to be killed, and one going to be left to simply remove them in a sanitary way. However, In case one don't want to kill mice, one’s the only option is to use cage traps. Now. setting up cage traps in a right way and choosing proper baits are the top two tasks for one to do, in order to catch mice successfully. Now, this still does not guarantee that the mice going to be trapped in a humane way, or be able to survive. There is few risk involving cage traps. Initially, In case one choose to place them in a location under direct sunlight, like a window, an animal might suffer dehydration or excessive heat. This going to cause further suffering to the animal. Also, In case one choose the trap that is not the proper size, the animal going to not have enough space to move around, and then it going to also suffer.

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Finally, another shortcoming of using cage traps to trap mice doesn't mean that they going to eventually survive. Even In case one manage to remove and relocate the live mouse from one’s residence, chances are that it going to eventually die when introduced to an unfamiliar territory. They are not going to be able to find food, shelter or move around safely in a strange territory. Since mice are only accustomed to living and feed in a particular environment, they are most likely not going to be able to survive one they are relocated.

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