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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What attracts mice?

What attracts mice?

Mice like warm and secluded interiors, especially when winter starts to approach. They want to be inside before the temperatures drop but they also need open path outside so they can go look for water as well as to be able to hide while walking around. Mice eat almost all the time during the day, which means they will look for easy accessible food sources. If food in your pantry or house is easy accessible, if you don't safely close all the lids on food boxes (and make sure that food is stored in glass or metal boxes as these can't be penetrated by them), if you don't safely remove the garbage and close lids on garbage bins and dumpsters, mice will definitely be attracted to your home. On the contrary, if you safely remove and close all the food containers as well as garbage where they would otherwise find food remains, it is much more likely that they will move away from your home.

Besides the fact that they will lack food in your home, it is also good to safely seal shut all the possible entrances for mice. Clear away any possible hiding spots around your home to discourage mice from entering it. These hiding spots that provide them for safe getting in and getting out are bushes, tall grass and flowers, trees, etc.

Take away bird feeders from your home as well as any clutter and piles of stuff that could be the perfect hiding spot as well as shelter for mice.

When it comes to making your home less interesting for mice, it is important to move away everything that could be food source, such as-crumbs or small food pieces. Clean floors after every meal to be sure that everything has been swept off, and also make sure that stoves and counters are completely clean. Keep pet food and bird seeds in metal or glass containers as well as your food.

If you store your food in a pantry, make sure to keep in clean and bright-mice don't like it when they don't have dark corners to run away safely.

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