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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - What equipment is needed to trap a groundhog?

What equipment is needed to trap a groundhog?

If you decide to trap groundhogs to take care of your infestation, you have some choices to make. Are you going to life trap or lethal trap your pests? If you decide to kill them, your choices are limited when it comes to traps. There are snap traps that crush groundhog much like a rattrap. It is a ½ box with a spring bar. The groundhog crawls through the trap and the bar snaps shut on its head, killing it. Body traps are massive heavy spring traps designed to fit in the burrow. As the groundhog exits or enters it closes around it crushing the creature’s body. In addition, an impaling type spring trap is placed in the hole, and spears the groundhog when it triggers the pressure plate.

If you decide that you want to relocate your guests, there are some sound live trap choices. The basic live trap is a cage with a door that is spring loaded. When the groundhog goes for the bait inside the cage, the door slams shut trapping the creature. A live trap with an exclusion funnel for a door is even more efficient. An exclusion funnel is a piece of hardware cloth or small gauge wire fence rolled in to a funnel shape.

Animals can go through the funnel by entering through the large end, but cannot come back through the small end. You can attach them to very large cage doors for a trap that can catch large number of animals without resetting the trap. Live traps come in a variety of sizes, and are very affordable. You can also try catching them with a pole trap or net as they emerge from their hole. This method requires patience and agility. Once you have trapped all the animals in your yard, make sure to take preventative measures to keep them out. Your best bet is a 3-4 foot fence buried 6-8 inches in the ground to prevent burrowing.

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