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Will a high pitch sound deterrent machine work against groundhogs?

If you discover you have groundhogs invading your yard, you will invest as much time and money as needed to be rid of them. The damage caused is second only to the dangerous holes and mounds of dirt piled around their burrows. Even though you want them gone, you do think they are cute, and do not want to kill them. Most homeowners are not trained in the proper handling of wild animals, and we have all heard that any animal can become vicious when it feels threatened, especially if protecting a nest. You heard there are quite a few groundhog repellent devices on the market today. They are advertised over the internet. Local merchants proudly display them in stores.

You could be persuaded to try one. They sound almost too good to be true. The ads boast that they are humane, safe for the environment, and guaranteed to work. Each of the devices claims to be re the “one” that really works. Unfortunately, the truth is that most customers are left with empty pockets and a yard full of groundhogs. Here are some of the more popular ones we have found. Read about them here and you can decide. You might consider a futuristic looking sonic noisemaker that can include Mylar strips, or flashing lights. Some of these machines use wind, some are battery powered, or rely on solar power. These devices are no more than fancy scarecrows with no more ability to run off groundhogs than the wind.

The worst part is that each of these mystery machines bares a hefty price tag ranging 45.00-575.00$ USD. The groundhogs might be spooked at first, but these creatures are soon accustomed to the noise. Sonic devices are available in a variety of styles too. Some are motion sensitive, and some static. A popular variation of the devices comes equipped with flashing strobe lights, and can even be solar powered. They all promise to solve your groundhog problem simply by emitting an irritating high-pitched noise undetectable to human ears. Unfortunately, it does not seem to bother the groundhog much either. Groundhogs are extremely social and adaptable, so despite the manufacturer’s assertions, the groundhog is not particularly sensitive to these noises. There have even been instances in which users complain that these devices are more of an annoyance to them and their pets than to pests.

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