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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How to keep groundhogs away from your property

How to keep groundhogs away from your property

Have you had it with woodchucks consuming a large portion of your garden and making a mess Woodchucks can eat over a pound and a half of food a day? This is why its takes a family no time to wipe out your entire garden. Woodchucks can mess up your yard, sprinkler system, underground pies & lines, pools, and other things in your yard when burrowing. Groundhogs move about 700 pounds of dirt to make these burrows and damage the roots of plants. Burrows make it difficult to traverse the yard without stepping in a hole, and can damage equipment that runs over the huge mounds of dirt left from burrowing. They damage trees by stripping them of their bark to mark their burrow’; which makes the trees weak.

The best suggestion we can offer to deter groundhogs (plus other pests) from living in your yard is to put up a barrier. A hardware cloth fence about [3.5 feet] high as well as buried 6” below the ground will do the trick. Some people clam that Groundhogs are wary of unknown objects and can be frightened by things that clatter and bang. Tin pie pans or cans tied to trees or loud wind chimes are two simple ideas. Epsom salts, ammonia, mothballs, and cayenne pepper are other DIY ideas that many people try. There are commercial repellents accessible at GC-garden centers. If you need to be a little more aggressive, try live traps or exclusion funnels attached to cages to trap your guests for relocation.

You would need to catch and remove all the groundhogs before placing a fence around your yard. When you set a trap, for it to be most effective, you must locate the groundhog’s burrows. They will have multiple entrances so seal all of them off except one. This is where you will set the trap. Place the trap about 5 feet away from the burrow once the woodchuck goes for the bait, and is trapped. You can locate him far from your property. Groundhogs are very unrelenting so however, you decide to carry on, be vigilant and your yard will remain safe.

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