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How to Get Rid of Feral Hogs, Wild Pigs

How to Get Rid of Feral Pigs in the Yard - Feral pigs often wander into open yards where they can cause destruction of your property. They are dangerous animals and can also attack human beings. This is the greater reason why you should try to keep any open yards free of feral pigs at all times. Feral pigs are usually found in human habitations around wild areas. They often encroach upon human neighborhoods in search of food. Feral pigs are some of the most destructive pests and need to be kept at bay. Using cages to trap them is a better strategy than using fences to protect a large area. Strong cages are available for trapping feral pigs. These cages are large and can effectively trap several feral pigs at the same time. The cages can then be taken away and the feral pigs released into the wild. It is possible that the feral pigs return and may have to be shot to get rid of them.

How to Get Rid of Feral Pigs in the Farm - Feral pigs are also known as wild hogs. They are extremely tiresome pests and can ravage large areas of farmland within no time. They are extremely robust animals and difficult to contain. Feral pigs or wild hogs can damage livestock on the farm as well because they attack small animals for food. This causes a great loss to farmers and livestock owners. Therefore, there is a need to find ways of getting rid of feral pigs from the farm effectively. The wild hogs can be trapped by using fences around the farm property. Usually wire fences or garden fences are used to keep feral pigs out of farms. The fences are effective to some extent but cannot be used as a permanent solution. Feral pigs are strong animals and can easily get around fences. To overcome this, snares can be used along with fences to prevent the feral pigs from going beyond the fence after they are trapped in the snare.

How to Get Rid of Feral Pigs in the Home - If you live near a farm then feral pigs are a common menace for you. They are stubborn pests and ravenous eaters. They are also carriers of various diseases so at no point should you tolerate any feral pigs inside your house or anywhere near it for that matter. Feral pigs or wild hogs are commonly found around farm areas where they come in search of food. At times, they may enter houses when they are bold enough. Fences and cages can be used to get rid of feral pigs from the house. Snares are also a good way of preventing feral pigs from entering your house by trapping them even before they have the opportunity to get into your house. When a feral pig has succeeded in getting into your house you could chase it around in order to get it out. Sometimes, people even take out the gun and shoot the animal. Others feel this to be an inhuman act. In either case, make sure you do not go against the law.

How to Get Rid of Feral Pigs on the Property - Feral pigs can be a great bother once they invade your property. They can deplete food resources and endanger the life of farm animals and pets. They also possess very wild temperaments and are impossible to control. They are resilient animals and can return once they have been driven out. Feral pigs can be caught in cages and snares. As a preventive measure, feral pigs can be kept out by using string fencing around the property. At times the population of the feral pigs grows so large and troublesome that people prefer shooting them to death in order to protect their property. For extremely large populations, aerial shooting may be conducted. This involves the use of helicopters and gunners targeting feral hogs from p in the air and trying to control the damage caused by them by shooting them to death. This is only an option where the law permits it.

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