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Deer Removal

Whitetail Deer a problem in the United States, because they run in front of cars, and because they eat vegetation, including landscaping, crops, and other desirable plants. I personally have watched a transformation in deer behavior in my own home town. When I was a kid, deer were shy, reclusive, and ran at the first whiff of human presence. Now they are brazen, and they don't even move when I approach them. They have also increased in number, and are everywhere. Deer are animals that are native to North America and are specifically evolved to survive and thrive in a multitude of different climates. Deer are best described as large animals that are tan in color with white, brown and black marking. They can weigh anywhere from under 100 pounds to several hundreds of pounds and they are identified as having large antlers on their heads. Deer are opportunists and will eat any type of vegetation that is available to them and because of this trait they can be found in remote wooded areas, to rural farms, to urban environments. Deer have long been associated with humans and have provided us with meat, clothing and a staple in our economy.

However much deer have helped humans survive and thrive in this world, they can be extremely irritating and are generally considered a nuisance. To the driver, deer can even be dangerous as they are often seen lying dead on the side of the road, but not before taking a piece of your car with them. Deer are a major source traffic accidents and deaths on dark, rural roads. Deer can also be pests when it comes to your garden and your lawn. Deer love flowers, leaves and some fruits and vegetables which can mean bad news for your garden. They will also litter your lawn with their droppings and terrorize your pets with their presence and their scent. If you have problems with deer being on or near your property, try some of these do it yourself tips to get rid of them.

Deer do not like dogs and dogs definitely do not like deer. If you keep a large dog in your yard it could deter the deer from entering your yard. If you do not keep your dog in the yard all the time, you can also sprinkle their hair around the perimeter of your yard. Deer are very in tune with what is happening around them and if they catch the scent of a predator they will turn and go away from the scent. This of course is only a precaution and may not keep them out completely.

There is an old method of deterring deer from coming near your trees to snack on the leaves or the fruit is to hang bars of soap from your branches. The easiest way to do this is to drill a hole near one end of the bar and string some heavy duty cord in a loop and then hang it from the branch. This is not a proven way to deter the deer but many people will swear that this works even if they do not know how it works.

Building a fence around your property is probably the most effective way to deter the deer from coming in your yard. You will need a very tall and sturdy fence to keep them out that is buried at least a foot underground. This is the most expensive option, but once you do this it will keep all animals out, not just the deer. The fence must be at least 5 feet off of the ground so that the deer cannot jump over it.

There are a variety of repellent sprays that are available to you to deter deer. Some of these include pepper and garlic sprays and predator urines. You can also plant certain herbs and plants that deer do not like such as foxglove, yarrow and spurge. You can also bury rotten eggs under the surface of the ground to repel the deer. However, none of these are guaranteed to work and you will have to constantly reapply the sprays.

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