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Dead Animal in House - What do Do

How to Get Rid of Dead Animals in the House - Finding a dead animal in the house can be a real challenge and usually only happens once the body begins to decay and smell. The odor alone can often give you a general area of where to look, though airflow inside of a home can make something in the attic smell like it is on the first floor. If you were not having nuisance issues and have no idea what kind of animal has met its end within your home, consider calling a professional to locate the problem. Professionals will be able to tell by your descriptions what type of animal you are likely dealing with. He or she will also be able to investigate the home for any tell-tale signs of wildlife. Knowing what kind of animal has died will help to locate the creature’s body. A large animal like a raccoon is unlikely to be in the space beneath the bathtub. Rats, squirrels and mice can be just about anywhere. Rest assured, if you do not find the animal carcass and remove it the smell will prevail until the body has reached the final stages of decomposition.

How to Get Rid of Dead Animals in the Ceiling - If you know you have a dead animal in the ceiling you will need to try your best to pinpoint the location. Drywall can be cut away and a body removed without too much stress as long as you have a good idea as to where you need to cut. Bodies in the ceiling often manifest with odor but due to gravity, liquids also penetrate the layers of materials above, resulting in a brown or yellow stain overhead. To remove a dead animal from the ceiling, make a small cut and pull down the drywall and insulation. Be sure to wear eye protection and a nose and mouth mask or respirator. When working with something over your head, debris and decaying flesh may rain down on you. Once the animal is removed, the area will need to be completely sanitized with an enzymatic cleaner. Any soiled insulation will need to be replaced. If you leave any traces of the decomposing body behind the smell will continue. Once the materials have been replaced the drywall can be patched and painted over.

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