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How to Get Rid of Pigeons and Birds

How To Get Rid Of Birds - There are many different types of birds that can cause problems in commercial and domestic properties, and depending on the species the problems can vary. Common pest bird species include:

  • 1. Pigeon
  • 2. Gull
  • 3. Sparrow
  • 4. Crow
  • 5. Starling
  • 6. Swallow
One of the biggest challenges when it comes to try and get rid of the birds is that there are often legal restrictions about when bird removal work can be carried out, and the type of methods that can be employed. There are many steps that you can take yourself to try and get rid of birds, but much of the more specialized work may require a bird removal expert.

Different Ways Of Getting Rid Of Birds

Over the years there have been many different techniques used to try and get rid of birds, and in days gone by you would rarely see a planted field without a scarecrow present to try and drive the birds away. There have been a range of features designed that can be added to properties to keep birds away, while there are also certain situations where you can use bird poison to try and deal with the issue. Another interesting development has been the design of a laser which fires beams of laser light around a particular area, and has had some success in keeping crows away from an orchard.

Bird Spikes

There are a variety of different types of bird spikes available, and these can range in size and material from small spikes to be mounted on a window sill to stop the birds landing through to much longer spikes used to keep birds away from a larger area such as a flat roof. Many of these spikes are often metal, although the thinner spikes have seen examples where birds have learned to nest in between the narrow metal spikes, even using them as a support material for their nest. While bird spikes may not always be effective, it is an inexpensive, and in most cases easy to install measure that can be used to help get rid of birds.

Anti Bird Netting

Another option that can be used to stop birds from gaining access to a roof or a roosting spot is anti bird netting, and this can either be installed over a roof where the birds have been landing, or in larger open buildings such as barns, large sheds and railway stations it can be installed beneath the roof to stop birds from flying up. This is generally a successful way of keeping the birds away as long as the mesh of the netting is small enough, although you can occasionally encounter problems where birds become tangled in the netting or create holes in the netting.

Bird Repellents And Avicides

The idea of being able to put down or spray a substance that will drive birds away is a pleasant one for those dealing with birds, but in the vast majority of situations the features attracting the birds will trump any chemical or natural bird repellents. If you are going to invest in something to try and get rid of birds, repellents are certainly not the way to go.

Another option is avicides, although these are strictly restricted and can only be used to kill pigeons, house sparrows and European starlings. The problem with this is that it is very hard to restrict the poison to those species, so it can be very difficult not to break the law when using these toxic chemicals.

Repairing Damage Caused By Birds

Birds can cause all kinds of damage when they have access to a roof or roosting spot, and the fact that one pigeon along produces over 25 pounds of feces every year can demonstrate how much of a burden the birds can add to structure. The substances in the feces can also damage paintwork and brickwork, while their nests can be made of a variety of materials that the birds take from the surrounding area. If you have experienced a bird problem, it is best to carry out any repairs promptly, and to look at installing bird removal measures such as spikes or netting to prevent their return.

Precautions To Take Before Starting Bird Removal Work

Make sure that you wear appropriate clothing and gloves that will ensure you don't come into physical contact with any birds or droppings. Because of the spores and bacteria found in bird droppings, it is also best to wear goggles over your eyes and a breathing mask to filter out any particles, which will help to keep you safe as you carry out the work. If the job involves removing any bird droppings, make sure that you have a sealed container or suitable garbage bags to double bag any droppings, so that they can be disposed of safely.

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