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How To Remove A Bird From The House

How To Get Rid of A Bird Inside Your House - Birds can be beautiful and even majestic when we watch them fly in the skies. When they are in your house however they are just a pest. They can be noisy and leave droppings all over an attic or garage. Those droppings can make you or your loved ones sick. They also create a mess when making or keeping their nests and that can have many damaging affects to your home. And if the threat of illnesses and mess they make isn’t enough to have you wanting them relocated, they can cause serious damage to many areas of your home. It is obvious that you will want to remove a bird or several birds from the house.

Why They Choose To Live Close To Us
Birds often associate people with food. If a place has people it has an easy meal for many species of birds. You may not be putting feed in a bird house but you or a neighbor that lives close by may leave the garbage outside and the birds sees this as an opportunity. They are pretty adaptable creatures. They only need a place to build a nest and a source of food close by and they will feel right at home. Many times these birds will set up shop in your soffits and their nesting material can go into your vents or in other places such as a chimney and this can create a fire hazard. Our homes also provide shelter from weather and predators for birds. That in combination with an excellent food source will make an ideal nesting zone.

How To Trap Them
A chicken is hard to catch, just ask any farmer who’s had to give it a try. Now try attempting that with one that can actually fly around and you begin to realize the difficulty of trapping pigeons or other birds inside a house. A professional in pest control is your best option because they have equipment that can help them trap and release a bird. Some of that equipment includes netting and one way doors. The one way doors will allow the bird to exit but will not let it back in.

The door that opens one-way concept also works with traps that a pest control specialist will use. The idea is to bait the bird to go into the trap through the one way door and once inside the bird cannot get out. The door concept may seem a bit difficult to comprehend, but the birds are quite persistent if they want something and they will push on a door in order to accomplish their goal. They however do not have the ability to get out. So the trap is probably the easiest way to get a bird out of your house because it requires little effort on your part. All you really need to do is set it and retrieve it once the bird is inside, then find an ideal place to release it.

No Access To Traps
If you do not have access to a trap, then there are other ways of removing a bird from your house. You can use a standard leaf blower on the lowest setting to scare the birds and push them out. Of course there is the actual physical removal, but that is the most difficult way to go about it. Once the bird is out you also want to prevent them from coming back. Installing deterrents along the roof if it was an attic entrance will go a long way. Installing spikes or uncomfortable footing in a place you want to keep a bird free zone is one of the most effective ways of keeping them out. Also eliminating cozy nesting areas on and around your house will make it less appealing to the birds.

If this is a persistent problem it is a wise idea to call someone who specializes in wildlife removal. They can help you evaluate why you are getting the birds and devise a plan for keeping them away.

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