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Dead Bird Removal

What Can Be Done About A Dead Bird Smell? Anyone what has had the misfortune to experience an infestation of birds, such as pigeons, may also be familiar with the dead bird/pigeon smell, which is most unpleasant. The smell emitted by a dead pigeon is comparable to the smell caused by the buildup of waste and fecal matter that develops in and around any pigeon roosts. Unfortunately, pigeons often find their way into ventilation and heating shafts or chimneys and remain there, unnoticed, until the dreadful smell begins. It is also possible for birds to find their way into the loft or ceiling space of a building through tiles that are missing or damaged – there are several reports of homeowners finding dozens of dead pigeons during renovations. If you become aware of an unpleasant smell reminiscent of decomposition, it is essential to discover the source. Dead pigeons, or any dead animal, may pose a threat to health and, since pigeons live in large groups, it is likely that you may have more than one dead body. Once you have found and removed the dead creatures, you will need to thoroughly clean and ventilate the area in order to eliminate the smell – which, nevertheless, may linger for some time. When removing dead birds and their waste matter it is essential to wear protective clothing including a facemask and gloves.

If There Is A Dead Bird Stuck In Rafters What Can You Do? Pigeons create many problems for property owners, pedestrians and the local authorities. As they like to live in large groups, it is not uncommon to see large flocks of these birds roosting in and around urban buildings. Pigeons thrive in any human environment where they often find an unending source of food. Pigeons are also adept at finding their way inside buildings and, if it is suitable, may well roost there or build their nests. Once a pigeon has taken up residence in any building, it won’t be long before many other birds join them – pigeons communicate through pheromones in their droppings. Rafters are ideal places for birds to roost since they are flat and even – it is not uncommon to find a dead pigeon stuck in rafters. In fact, it may be that the dead bird smell is noticeable before the pigeon is seen. Dealing with the carcass of a dead pigeon that is stuck in the rafters may well be too difficult for an individual – many companies offer a professional cleaning and removal service aimed at dealing with bird infestations. If you decide to take care of the problem yourself make sure to have the right equipment and health and safety practices in order to deal promptly and efficiently with it. These will include a ladder, someone to be there in case you fall and get hurt, gloves and a face mask so you don’t breath in anything that’s hazardous to your health.

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