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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - Bat urine removal and urine stain removal

Bat urine removal and urine stain removal

Bat urine doesn't have smell until it is released and dries off somewhere in your home, crystallizing in contact with oxygen from air. Crystallization creates foul smell and lets not forget all the negative side effects it leaves on floors and walls where the urine falls and dries off. Bats can inhabit your attic, chimney or walls and in order to remove bat urine and bat stains, first of all you need to get rid of bats which require time and effort.

Once you complete the mission of bat exclusion, you will need to remove both bat feces and urine. It is important to use protective equipment: thick gloves, rubber boots, protective suit, mandatory mask over your nose and mouth. First of all spray with water entire surface you intend to clean, to avoid dust particles of feces to run through air and possibly enter your nose, mouth or eyes. Bat feces and urine can be carrier of different bacteria and infections, which is a reason more to use all measures of precaution.

After you have sprayed entire pile of bat garbage, first vacuum solid waste and then start working on the remaining stains and urine on the floor and walls. First of all dab any remains of the liquid with paper towels. After you have done this, apply cleaning solution on entire surface. The best substance to use is enzyme cleaners that will really remove urine stains and harmful bacteria from the floor and walls. Don't save on the cleaner-it might seem like you are using too much of it, but it is much better to be safe then sorry later! This will definitely pay of in a long run, because it will clean and sanitize at the same time. Apply solid amount of the cleaning solution and let it work for a recommended period of time. After solution has done its work, clean it off. If there is still bad smell of bat urine, try using deodorant spray to remove the smell. Generally, it is very possible that it will take some time for the foul smell to go away.

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