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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How to use a one way exclusion funnel to rid your building of bats

How to use a one way exclusion funnel to rid your building of bats

Bats are graceful, pest eating creatures that can consume thousands of bugs from your home and property. Despite their usefulness, when they roost in our attic, you want them out. There are various methods of bat control on the market today, but most don't work, involve dangerous poisons, or are inhumane. Cage traps can be an effective way to catch them, but then what do you with a live bat? Electric traps kill your unwanted guest, but now you have a body and have killed a bat. Poison doesn't work and is danger to your family and pets and environment. The one way exclusion funnel could be the perfect solution for ridding your attic of bats. The one way exclusion funnel uses the bats doorway.

The device is simply 1/4" hardware wire rolled into the shape of a funnel. Attach it to the outside of the over the bat's own entrance/exit. Examine the building thoroughly for greasy black residue you will see and the amount of bats appearing. Seal off any extra holes. Attach the wide end of the one way exclusion funnel over the remaining bat hole. Use the bats own hole so as to not alert the animal to danger. The One way Exclusion funnel requires no bait, poison, to use. The idea is a simple one. The bat exits the hole through the wide end of the funnel. It is able to escape through the funnel's narrow end, which is just big enough for the creature to exit. As the bat exits, the small funnel end collapses down, leaving a hole too small for re- entry.

When the bat returns, it realizes it can't get back in. Be persistent in using the exclusion funnel. The funnel must be installed while bats occupy the building. You must also know when the bats are gone. Once you are sure they are gone and you have looked for any babies, remove the exclusion funnel (s) and seal up the hole(s). Your exclusion funnel can be saved for future use.

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