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  • USA Wildlife Removal Education Guide - How to remove bat feces from concrete

How to remove bat feces from concrete

When your home has been invaded by bats-when they move in to your attic, in the shed, in the chimney-this means that you will have lots of bat feces there. If this area is floored with concrete, you will need to figure out how to clean it of, but first things first-you need to get rid of bats or problem with bat guano will be continuous.

Besides not having nice smell, bat guano can be source of infection, such as histoplasmosis, bacterial lung infection. Additionally, cockroaches are attracted to bat guano, so if you don't get rid of bats and bat guano you will have an invasion of cockroaches-another problem.

After you get rid of bats and seal shut openings through which they entered your home, you will need to prepare yourself and the area for the cleaning. In order to prevent accidental inhalation of dried bat guano with spores of infections, you should equip yourself with protective equipment. You need protective suit, rubber gloves and boots, protective mask for your mouth and nose-and it would also be good to wear mask that covers entire face.

Once you have protected yourself, you can star cleaning bat feces. First vacuum solid feces and them spray entire concrete surface to prevent further rise of small dried particles which you could accidentally inhale.

Now that entire surface is wet, you can scrub it of with hard brush and with enzyme-based solution. This substance is both cleaner and sanitizer so concrete surfaces will be completely clean.

It is necessary to mention that insulation that has bat feces on it needs to be removed, because it has been deeply infected and it is hazardous to try to clean it-you can't be sure that you will manage to deep-clean it and this leaves risk of infection to linger on. If insulation doesn't have feces on it, then you can spray it with enzyme cleaner just to be sure.

Finally, to be completely sure that everything has been removed thoroughly, you should use atomizing mist machine with enzyme-based cleanser to remove even the smallest particles of bat guano.

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