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How to Kill Armadillos - Is Poison the Answer?

It's impossible to kill an armadillo with poison, because these animals only eat live worms and grubs that they dig out of the ground. They won't eat any food just sitting on the surface.

Your best bet to kill an armadillo is by shooting it with a gun, if it is legal to do so in your area. You can also set lethal body-grip traps, but these are hard to find, and even harder to set properly, and are dangerous.

If you want to solve an armadillo problem, the best approach is to live trap the animal in a cage trap, and then relocate it elsewhere. You can also install fencing (be sure to bury it underground) to keep them off of your property.

Will An Armadillo Eat Rat Poison? One of the natural reactions that many people who have a problem with a pest animal will be to reach for poison, but this is an instinct that really should be suppressed, as it can often cause major problems. Rat poison is a substance that does smell and taste quite attractive to rats, but the problem when it comes to using it to kill armadillos is that they will very rarely eat rat poison. The majority of the diet of armadillos is made up out of insects and earthworms that they dig up themselves, so it is unnatural for armadillos to eat poison or any other food that isn’t alive.

However, it is possible for an armadillo to eat such poison if it is placed in the right way, and armadillos are often attracted to food that is over ripe such as fruit or spoiled meat which is why they often dig through garbage. The problem with using this kind of food as bait to cover rat poison is that it is more likely to be eaten by other animals such as cats and dogs. With so many better ways to deal with an armadillo problem, rat poison really isn’t a great solution.

Will Antifreeze Kill An Armadillo? One of the common urban myths that people will talk about when they are talking about how to deal with an armadillo problem is to leave a bowl of antifreeze in your yard or garden which will actually kill the armadillo. It is true to say that if this bowl is left out in an obvious place then the armadillo may drink from it, and if it does the toxic substance will lead to a long an painful death for the animal. It is certainly worth pointing out that leaving out bowls of antifreeze with the specific intention of killing armadillos will almost certainly be illegal in the vast majority of states, and it is also quite a dangerous thing to do too.

One of the problems about leaving such a bowl in your yard is that it is just as likely to kill any domestic pets in the area that may drink from the bowl, and cats are particularly likely to want to explore such a source of liquid. The reality is that there are much better and more effective solutions to an armadillo problem, and it is difficult to predict where the carcass of the armadillo will be, and this can attract even more unpleasant animals to the area.

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What are Some Ways to Kill an Armadillo in the Yard?
There are some things you can do to kill an armadillo right on the spot. You can get your rifle, aim and then shoot. It can be kind of messy though. And so probably why others would use a trap first to catch an armadillo and proceed with the killing. Others would resort to poising the animal after capturing it inside the steel snare. Spreading the poisonous chemical in the burrow is also one thing but it poses threat to other household pets roaming around. But as much as there are many means and reasons to kill an armadillo, it still isn’t the best thing to do.

Why killing is discouraged
Many homeowners have tried several approaches but oftentimes it lead to more frustration. Carrying a rifle (like in a day-to-day basis) can be harmful to the ones living within your household. If you have small children, aren’t you a bit worried in case you left the gun lying around? If you resorted to poisoning the animal, chances are it won’t die very soon and it will have enough time to dig out another shelter and before you know it, you have a decaying armadillo leaving afoul smell all over the place. Now if you have a roaming pet, that’s another reason for you to get rid of any harmful chemicals nearby. You don't need to kill the animal if you are worried that armadillos are dangerous, because they are not.

Analyze the surroundings
Armadillos shy away from places where there are people all the time so maybe the entire yard is not the main place for a target. Oftentimes, they seek for a suitable place to nest and you will likely see one near the shed. The shed has this organic space surrounding it that allows the armadillo to dig without so much effort.

Your Alternative Means
  • You can start by placing fences around it and equip with the surface with wire mesh for better reassurance
  • After which, you can set up a couple of cage traps near the burrows and wait for it to come in
  • Once the armadillo gets trapped inside the cage, you can keep it there for awhile until you get sufficient information on the best places where to take it
  • Catch as many armadillos in your time frame and set a schedule to when and where you will send it off for relocation to save you time from traveling back and forth
  • Better yet, avail the services offered by licensed wildlife experts to save significant amount of time and cost
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