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What is the Best Bait to Trap an Armadillo?

What bait catches armadillos? Armadillos basically eat fruits, lizards, scorpions, spiders, worms and insects. These are probably the best baits to put inside a trap. But putting some of these would also cause other animals to come near it and may come up with unnecessary results. Other than that, it isn’t that easy to find these baits on your own. Armadillos by nature, seek their food underneath the ground and so it’s quite unusual for them to see these things all over the place. Other considerations There is no guarantee that baits such as larvae and worms would catch an armadillo because other types of animals also eat these. Chances are, you might end up catching a different type of animal (e.g. skunk, raccoons, opossums and cats) instead of an armadillo. If we try to look at it closely, trapping an armadillo does not solely depend on the bait but perhaps in positioning the trap.

How the bait should work along with the trap:
  • Traps should be positioned close to the burrow or the hole where it used to dig
  • There should also be a trap down the pathway in which the armadillos passes by frequently
  • You can place some fences alongside that would serve as the trail all the way down the trap
  • Armadillos come out at dusk and that would take up until dawn so consider proper timing as well when putting the baits in
Best Baits to Use
Others would suggest that the best baits to use are to gather a sock filled with earthworms or use bananas and non-fresh cabbages but most likely these won’t work on its own. Now if we were to use a cage trap, it would somehow help if it leaves a certain odour of previously caught armadillos to attract the same. If you will use live baits such as earthworms, maggots and crickets, it would be useful to get a nylon stocking to put them in so that there’s no way to discharge. You can also make use of non-live baits such as the following:
  • Fish
  • Fruits
  • Sardines
  • Spoiled Eggs
  • Rotten Meat
Get Some Help
Then again, these baits or foods are just to lure the armadillos in but it would be smarter to know that positioning the trap is more important. Armadillos love the thrill of digging for their food and so they won’t see it anymore as a challenge if they see these things above the ground. Better yet, seek professional assistance if armadillos often destroy your lawn and come up with the best alternatives. Go back to the main Armadillo Removal page for more information about what food catches armadillos in traps.
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