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Kalamazoo Wildlife Removal

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Yes, you can call us 24/7. Michigan wildlife don't take weekends off, and neither do we. Our company specializes in the removal of unwanted wildlife from property, houses, and attics. We service the Kalamazoo, MI region. Call us now to discuss your problem, get pricing, and schedule an appointment.

FULL-SERVICE KALAMAZOO WILDLIFE COMPANY: We pride ourselves on being the most thorough and complete wildlife removal in Kalamazoo. We do not simply set a cage trap on the ground and hope that'll solve the animal problem. We address the root cause of the wildlife issue, and follow a complete step-by-step plan, including the following services:

  • INSPECTION - We inspect the building and property to fully understand the cause of the wildlife issue. We aim to permanently solve your problem, by addressing the cause.
  • ANIMALS IN ATTICS - If you have wildlife in the attic, we enter the attic and identify the animal(s), any damage they have caused, and remove them there, if possible.
  • HUMANE WILDLIFE TRAPPING - Most jobs call for the capture and removal of animals. We put our years of experience to use in order to safely, humanely, and effectively catch the target animal(s).
  • ENTRY HOLE REPAIRS - If you've got animals in your house, it is vital to find and repair all open entry holes. Our repairs are professional grade and backed by warranty.
  • ATTIC CLEANUP - When necessary, we thoroughly clean and decontaminate your attic, to prevent mold, pathogens, and odors.
  • KALAMAZOO BAT REMOVAL - We pride ourselves on a 100% success rate in the live removal of bats from buildings in Michigan.
  • KALAMAZOO BIRD REMOVAL - We install preventative barriers to keep pigeons and other birds off of Michigan buildings.
  • KALAMAZOO RODENT CONTROL - We know a permanent way to get rid of rats or mice.
If you have an issue with a DOG or CAT, call Kalamazoo County Animal Control at (269) 383-8775

We offer many other services in addition to the above listed. We perform dead animal removal, removal of Michigan snakes, mole trapping, and more. We can solve pretty much any nuisance animal complaint. We are a private business, we are not Kalamazoo Animal Control agency or the Kalamazoo County Animal Services - they only handle domestic animals, such as dogs and cats. Here are some of the species we commonly deal with:
Kalamazoo Raccoon Removal - Raccoons are a common animal in Michigan. They break into attics, destroy property, eat garbage, and more.
Kalamazoo Squirrel Removal - We deal with squirrels in attics and eaves all year, but mostly in late summer and late winter.
Kalamazoo Opossum or Skunk Removal - We trap a wide variety of pest animals, from possums, to skunks, and more.

Kalamazoo wildlife removal company services Kalamazoo, MI. Our service range includes downtown Kalamazoo, Comstock, Portage, Texas Charter Township, Cooper Charter Township, west to Mattawan, east to Galesurg and even Battle Creek, and more.

Kalamazoo wildlife control tip of the month: Common opossum problems - Do you think opossums are cute? I guess we all do until we run into the common problems that these horrific little creatures can leave behind! There are so many things that you will need to contend with if you have an opossum invasion, and in all fairness, the list of concerns would probably be too long to ever list! The first problem that you are likely to encounter is a litter one! These creatures love to have a good old rummage through your garbage can, strewing litter all over the place and attracting rats, mice and other horrible creatures that you simply do not want to deal with. Not only that, but they can also carry disease as well as ticks, fleas and mites - all of which can be harmful to both you and your household pets! That is before you even begin to think about the damage that those razor sharp teeth and claws can do, should a conflict ever arise between the opossum itself and your furry friends! That will leave you with a nasty wound to deal with and a large Vet bill too. One of the most common problems that people are faced with, with an opossum is a toilet related one. The feces and urine that this creature leaves behind not only stinks to high heaven, but also stains everything it comes into contact with. If the creature is diseased, it will leave contaminated water as well as other materials that you will then have to sort out, and if the animal should die in your home, which they very regularly do, you are not only going to have to locate the source of the stench, but also find a way to dispose of a decomposing opossum body, which as you can imagine, is definitely not a pleasant experience!

Dead animal smell under your house - The smell of the animal is sometimes the first sign that you ever had an animal invasion in the first place, and unfortunately, once this smell is lingering around your home, you are going to find it rather difficult to get rid of, and also fairly difficult to forget! There is nothing worse than the smell of a dead animal, especially when you combine that with the frustration of not knowing where it is or how to get rid of it. This will not be a glamorous smell, and this is also why so many people would choose to call in a professional to do the job for them. The smell of your dead animal is going to linger in your home for months unless you successfully get rid of the carcass itself, plus any signs that the animal was ever there. This smell and the rotting carcass will then attract other things that you are going to need to sort out, including rats, mice, insects, flies and beetles. The parasites, fleas and ticks and were on the body of the animal will usually migrate to a new home once their "owner" dies, which can mean rather terrible problems for any household pets you have and on top of this, the carcass itself can stain the materials that it can come into contact with which means that the smell will stick around for even longer still. Usually, it would not be advisable for a homeowner to try and located or remove this animal without the assistance of an expert, simply because there are so many other things that you will need to take into account. Thankfully, with the large amount of wildlife control companies out there, you will usually find it pretty easy to find the right man for the job.

Read more about wildlife: Raccoon Removal | Squirrel Removal | Skunk Removal | Rat Removal | Bat Removal - Remember, we are not a pest control or exterminator, we do humane wildlife removal Kalamazoo.
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