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Detroit Wildlife Removal

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Yes, you can call us 24/7. Michigan wildlife don't take weekends off, and neither do we. Our company specializes in the removal of unwanted wildlife from property, houses, and attics. We service the Detroit, MI region. Call us now to discuss your problem, get pricing, and schedule an appointment.

FULL-SERVICE DETROIT WILDLIFE COMPANY: We pride ourselves on being the most thorough and complete wildlife removal in Detroit. We do not simply set a cage trap on the ground and hope that'll solve the animal problem. We address the root cause of the wildlife issue, and follow a complete step-by-step plan, including the following services:

  • INSPECTION - We inspect the building and property to fully understand the cause of the wildlife issue. We aim to permanently solve your problem, by addressing the cause.
  • ANIMALS IN ATTICS - If you have wildlife in the attic, we enter the attic and identify the animal(s), any damage they have caused, and remove them there, if possible.
  • HUMANE WILDLIFE TRAPPING - Most jobs call for the capture and removal of animals. We put our years of experience to use in order to safely, humanely, and effectively catch the target animal(s).
  • ENTRY HOLE REPAIRS - If you've got animals in your house, it is vital to find and repair all open entry holes. Our repairs are professional grade and backed by warranty.
  • ATTIC CLEANUP - When necessary, we thoroughly clean and decontaminate your attic, to prevent mold, pathogens, and odors.
  • DETROIT BAT REMOVAL - We pride ourselves on a 100% success rate in the live removal of bats from buildings in Michigan.
  • DETROIT BIRD REMOVAL - We install preventative barriers to keep pigeons and other birds off of Michigan buildings.
  • DETROIT RODENT CONTROL - We know a permanent way to get rid of rats or mice.
If you have an issue with a DOG or CAT, call Wayne County Animal Control at (313) 224-6356

We offer many other services in addition to the above listed. We perform dead animal removal, removal of Michigan snakes, mole trapping, and more. We can solve pretty much any nuisance animal complaint. We are a private business, we are not Detroit Animal Control agency or the Wayne County Animal Services - they only handle domestic animals, such as dogs and cats. Here are some of the species we commonly deal with:
Detroit Raccoon Removal - Raccoons are a common animal in Michigan. They break into attics, destroy property, eat garbage, and more.
Detroit Squirrel Removal - We deal with squirrels in attics and eaves all year, but mostly in late summer and late winter.
Detroit Opossum or Skunk Removal - We trap a wide variety of pest animals, from possums, to skunks, and more.

Detroit wildlife removal company services Detroit, MI. We service the city of Detroit and surrounding towns, such as Waterford, Pontiac, Rochester Hills, Shelby, Bloomfield, Troy, Sterling Heights, Clinton, Novi, Farmington Hills, Southfiled, Royal Oak, Warren, St. Clair Shores, Livonia, Canton, Westland, Allen Park Wyandote, & more. We service all of Wayne County, Washtenaw County, Oakland County, and parts of Jackson County. To learn more about us, visit our website at

Detroit wildlife control tip of the month: Are you at risk of rodent diseases? When you handle any kind of wildlife, whether it is dead or alive, you will want to do so with thick, sturdy rubber gloves on. There are many reasons for this, not only for the "ick" factor - no one likes to handle dead animals especially, but also to ensure that you are safe. With the case of the rodent, this is very much true for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they are known for playing dead. This means that you might pick up what you think is a dead rodent that could in fact wake up and scratch or bite you, and secondly because they are known to carry more than their fair share of diseases. There have been many studies undertaken in the past that suggest that rodents could carry a large number of diseases that are dangerous to both humans, as well as other animals. Evidence suggests that they can carry toxoplasmosis, a disease that is dangerous to cats, as well as flea, ticks and mites which are again, bad for your household pets, and on top of this, there has also been links between the feces left behind by the rodent, and a disease that becomes apparent in horses, known as EPM. If you have noticed poop left by an rodent, (they will usually look similar to that left by a dog) it is vital to have the problem resolved as the parasite could stay infectious for up to one year. The moral of this story is that if you come across a "dead" rodent, only to remove it when it is safe to do so. There are a number of diseases that this creature could carry that could be potentially dangerous to humans as well as other animals. Wear gloves, make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly, or call upon the assistance of a professional to lend you a hand.

Opossum or raccoon in attic - will it leave on its own? - When a wild animal comes into your yard, it will usually have a rummage around for food and leave after just a couple of days because of its nomadic lifestyle and lonely ways. The same does not apply if you have an opossum or raccoon in your attic, however. This creature will more than likely be a mama opossum or raccoon trying to find a nice, warm, safe place to have and raise her babies, and this is where you are going to come into problems - she will more than likely stay until you have forced her out. You don't just have the raccoon and her babies to contend with when they move into your home, you will have the urine and feces too, and these can carry nasty disease and parasites. Not only that but they will more than likely stink, and this urine is going to attract other creatures - rodents and opossum or raccoons alike, which could cause fights as they are highly territorial. If your opossum or raccoon mama has babies, she can have up to as many as 15. Of course, not all of these will survive, but if they do they will stay for at least a month or two before they can "flee the nest" and some will even stay up to they reach the point at which they are sexually mature, which is around one year in most cases. It is a well known fact that many raccoons that move into an attic will die there too, giving you a decomposing body and one hell of a stink to sort out. This smell will also attract other wild animals, which in turn will give you a much bigger problem to contend with, but you will usually find that the smell is enough! The moral of the story is this - if you have an opossum living in your attic, take steps to move it on out. Otherwise you are going to have more than just footsteps driving you mad!

Read more about wildlife: Raccoon Removal | Squirrel Removal | Skunk Removal | Rat Removal | Bat Removal - Remember, we are not a pest control or exterminator, we do humane wildlife removal Detroit.
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