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Canton Wildlife Removal

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Yes, you can call us 24/7. Ohio wildlife don't take weekends off, and neither do we. Our company specializes in the removal of unwanted wildlife from property, houses, and attics. We service the Canton, OH region. Call us now to discuss your problem, get pricing, and schedule an appointment.

FULL-SERVICE CANTON WILDLIFE COMPANY: We pride ourselves on being the most thorough and complete wildlife removal in Canton. We do not simply set a cage trap on the ground and hope that'll solve the animal problem. We address the root cause of the wildlife issue, and follow a complete step-by-step plan, including the following services:

  • INSPECTION - We inspect the building and property to fully understand the cause of the wildlife issue. We aim to permanently solve your problem, by addressing the cause.
  • ANIMALS IN ATTICS - If you have wildlife in the attic, we enter the attic and identify the animal(s), any damage they have caused, and remove them there, if possible.
  • HUMANE WILDLIFE TRAPPING - Most jobs call for the capture and removal of animals. We put our years of experience to use in order to safely, humanely, and effectively catch the target animal(s).
  • ENTRY HOLE REPAIRS - If you've got animals in your house, it is vital to find and repair all open entry holes. Our repairs are professional grade and backed by warranty.
  • ATTIC CLEANUP - When necessary, we thoroughly clean and decontaminate your attic, to prevent mold, pathogens, and odors.
  • CANTON BAT REMOVAL - We pride ourselves on a 100% success rate in the live removal of bats from buildings in Ohio.
  • CANTON BIRD REMOVAL - We install preventative barriers to keep pigeons and other birds off of Ohio buildings.
  • CANTON RODENT CONTROL - We know a permanent way to get rid of rats or mice.
If you have an issue with a DOG or CAT, call Stark County Animal Control at check blue pages

We offer many other services in addition to the above listed. We perform dead animal removal, removal of Ohio snakes, mole trapping, and more. We can solve pretty much any nuisance animal complaint. We are a private business, we are not Canton Animal Control agency or the Stark County Animal Services - they only handle domestic animals, such as dogs and cats. Here are some of the species we commonly deal with:
Canton Raccoon Removal - Raccoons are a common animal in Ohio. They break into attics, destroy property, eat garbage, and more.
Canton Squirrel Removal - We deal with squirrels in attics and eaves all year, but mostly in late summer and late winter.
Canton Opossum or Skunk Removal - We trap a wide variety of pest animals, from possums, to skunks, and more.

Canton wildlife removal company services Canton, OH. We service from Massillon, Perry Heights, North Canton, east to Louisville, and the surrounding area.

Canton wildlife control tip of the month: Vole Removal -Vole removal is very important although some people do not emphasize on it as they do for other rodents. Many people take voles as field mice and do not know much about the problems they cause. They think that they do not cause damage on gardens the way rodents like moles do. Voles are small rodents that construct well defined runways or visible tunnels, which have a width of about two inches near or at the surface. Many people confuse voles' runways for moles. The reason behind this is that voles and other rodents of that kind such as moles are seldom seen and can therefore only be identified by the visible signs that they leave behind. The difference between voles' runways and those of moles is that moles leave behind a heap of soil but voles do not. If you find that you are only identifying signs left behind by moles on your lawn, you will be sure that voles are not present. In this case, you can use preventive measures to keep away the voles rather that waiting to practice vole removal after identifying them.
Problems they cause - Voles can damage your yards in many ways. In spite of the fact that voles feed on blades and stems of grasses one of the problems they cause is burrowing into the root systems of young plants and can cause them to begin leaning or experience dieback. In addition to that, they gnaw on shrubs base and tree trunks. They also cause damage to the bulbs of flowers and potatoes in your gardens. It is hard for one to tolerate all these damages that voles can cause and the only solution is to use vole removal systems.
How to Keep away voles by using natural control measures -As already mentioned above, it is advisable to keep voles from accessing your land if you do not identify any sign that belongs to them. Note that voles like living on a piece of land that holds debris and plenty of vegetation because it creates a hiding place for them and gives them the chance to make their nests there. With this knowledge, you can discourage the voles from accessing your yard if you weed your garden, mow your lawn and avoid planting ground covers that are dense. Another way of keeping voles away is by avoiding the application of mulch too close to shrubs and trees because voles will take the mulch as their hiding place. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep mulch away from the young tress and shrubs and instead protect your trees by wrapping their lower part with wire mesh. If you find that voles have already found their way into your land, you do not have any otherwise apart from using vole removal systems.
Vole removal trapping tips -There are quite a number of vole removal systems and one of them is using traps. You can choose to use poison baits or traps. When you decide to use poison baits, products based on zinc phosphide such as zinc phosphide gopher baits can work and it is a common vole removal method that many people have adopted. Other well known poison baits are the warfarin-based products that cause internal bleeding, which eventually leads to death. Note that you should be very careful when using poison baits because they can cause harm to children, wildlife and even pets. Therefore, the best place to position the poison bait is inside the burrow opening or in bait containers to ensure that this vole removal method is successful. -Vole removal using mouse traps. You can successful eradicate voles using mouse snap traps. You just need to locate the trap perpendicular to the runway of the vole and ensure that the trap's trigger is in alignment with the vole's runway path. You can easily identify the voles' runway by heavy traffic or a heavily soiled path with voles' feces and urine. This will help you to locate the trap in the most ideal position. You can bait the trap with peanut butter since it is excellent in attracting voles. The best time to use this vole removal method is autumn or late winter. However, just like poison you should be very careful with the trap by placing it under boxes to avoid injuries. If you are not comfortable in using either poison or traps as vole removal measures, you could use garden fencing that is rodent-proof or vole repellents. Vole repellents that are thiram-based such as Rabbit Repellent and Shotgun Deer can be effective. However, you need to apply them frequently because they dissipate when it rains. Note that with repeated applications the voles become accustomed to the smell and this reduces effectiveness. The other vole removal products that you can use are predator urines which you can buy at trappers supply stores. If you just want to get rid of the vole without harming it, you can use live vole removal systems. In this you just need to buy a live-trap such as havahart wire trap. With this trap, you will catch your vole alive and you can relocate it. However, this is only legal in places where animal relocation is allowed. If you are receiving disturbance from the voles, you can use any of the vole removal measures mentioned above to get rid of them.

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